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Luke S.

"I was so impressed with how well Cahmbriel knows about the history of not just the revolutionary war but also of the entire area of Yorktown and Williamsburg. She is a delightful tour guide, insightful, and is welcoming to any questions I had."

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Ruby C.

"Cahmbriel is an amazing guide. Her knowledge of history is expansive and gained through years of research, trips to historical locations, interviews with experts, and cross-referencing everything with more research. From Patriot Podcast to Victory Walking Tours her streets are paved with knowledge!"

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Influential Quote of the Time

"Thank heaven, our affairs seem to be approaching fast to a happy period. Last night our second parallel commenced. Five days more and the enemy must capitulate or abandon their present position. If they do the latter it will detain us ten days longer..."

-Lt Col Alexander Hamilton

About the Company​​​​​​​

Join Victory Walking Tours to hear not only the events and those who lived them but the context in which they occurred. Broaden your understanding of American history and learn the importance of period text!

You’ll learn about the ancestors of George Washington, see the home of the man who, according to James Madison, “answered every service and sacrifice his country might need.” You’ll hear about the unbelievable sequence of events that led to victory at Yorktown.

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Cahmbriel clackum

With my dedication to history, I love sharing what I know with others! And now, my lifelong passion brings me to you! Join me for a fun and educational experience as we explore the exploits of the Revolutionary War together!​​

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The Sights of Yorktown

Find Out More About The Siege

“As soon as the firing began, our people began to cry, “The fort’s our own!” and “Rush on boys.” The Sappers and Miners soon cleared a passage for the infantry, who entered it rapidly...While crossing the trench, the enemy threw grenades into it. The fort was taken and all quiet in a very short time those who were on duty for the day completed the second parallel by including the captured redoubts within it.” 

-Sgt Joseph Plumb Martin

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Come Learn More About Where the British Surrendered at Yorktown!

September 28, 1781 – October 19, 1781 

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Patriot Podcast is focused on period documents and firsthand accounts by those who fought and witnessed the American Revolution. Be prepared to have your understanding of history challenged and broadened! Hear the history you weren’t taught in school, and learn the names your teacher never mentioned. Each episode is written and presented to help the listener understand the strategic sequence of events.

 We are proud to present our biweekly historical podcast! You can listen to a few of our episodes right now below! If you want to hear more, just hit the button and you can follow us on 7 different platforms!

Q: Is there a scheduled break on the walking tour?

Yes! We do take a quick refreshment break at Mobjack Bay Coffee Roasters where you will be able to get coffee, other beverages,

or a snack.

Q: How to show proof of purchase?

You can either show the proof of purchase on your phone or another device, or you can print it out and bring it with you.

Q: Do you do tours on Sundays?

No. Since most of the stores and the general area is closed on Sundays, it would take away from customers' tour experience. 

Q: Are there places to go to the bathroom on the route?

Yes! There are a few places where you can find a restroom on the route. We do stop in case anyone needs to use them.

Q: How long do the tours last?

Our walking tours generally last from an hour to an hour and a half. This depends on the pace and time spend on breaks. 

Q:  Is there free parking or transportation nearby?

There is free parking by both the beginning and end of the tour, as well as a free trolley system that can get you to the parking areas.

Frequently Asked Questions​​​​​​​

Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions. If you dont see your question here, feel free to reach out. We are happy to answer your questions and to make sure that your historical walking tour is fun and easy!