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Stand where some of the Revolutionary War's greatest heroes stood. 

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Learn about the early colonial history and the struggle for liberties in America.

Hear first-hand the history they didn't teach you in school!

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Get a FREE gift with every purchase of an adult ticket!

Victory Walking Tours will give you your complimentary water bottle at the beginning of each tour! 

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Schedule your historical walking tour today! Get a first-hand experience as you go through a guided tour of Yorktown and the significance to one of our founding towns.

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A children's ticket covers ages ​​​​​​​6-15. Kids 5 and under are free! Children must be with an adult.


About Victory Walking


“Humanity has won its battle. Liberty now has a country.”

-Marquis de Lafayette

Join me, Cahmbriel Clackum, for a guided tour of the port that flourished as it exported Virginia’s biggest cash crop: tobacco. This deep-water port, where in 1774 a lesser-known tea party took place, was the fateful choice of Lord Cornwallis to entrench his army after fleeing the Carolinas. Learn about the amazing sequence of events that created the perfect storm out of which American independence was born. 

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Discounted price is available for military, student, and seniors (65 years and older).


Here's a quick peek at a few of the sights you will see on your guided walking tour through Yorktown. You can click on the images to view them.

Gallery of the Sights


An adult ticket covers ages 16 and older. Adult tickets all get a free gift with their purchase.


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Cahmbriel Clackum

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Tour Guide

When, at about eight years old, I opened National Geographic’s “The Revolutionary War” by Bart McDowell, I was flinging open the door to a world that would enchant me in ways I had never imagined.

The American Revolution has been my passion since childhood, and it has never dulled, rather it has shone more brightly with each passing year.

Allow me to share that fire with you, as I have no lack!

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The Route

Here is a map of the area as well as the stops we make on the tour! The trolley route, bathrooms, and more are all labeled on the map for your convenience. Use the key below to understand the map.

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"If the French Army could all of a sudden arrive in Virginia and be supported by a squadron, we could do some very good things." These historic words were penned by the Marquis de Lafayette in the Summer of 1781, as he watched the British position at Yorktown.

Visit the place where the world was turned upside down!

Thomas Nelson, Jr served his country both as a brigadier general of the militia and a congressman, even fighting at Yorktown while serving as governor.

Thomas Nelson, Jr Mansion

Visit the shop of Patriot surgeon Corbin Griffin, who spent the siege as a prisoner on board a British ship. He served his country as a soldier and politician.

This tavern was a bustling hub for travelers to Yorktown. This was the perfect place to hear news from around the colonies and even the world.

Born into a prominent Virginia family, Digges served his country as a lawyer and a politician and paid for his devotion to liberty.

Dr. Corbin Griffin’s Medical Shop

Dudley Digges’ House

Swan Tavern

Come See These Historical Sights on the Walk!

Feel free to contact us regarding group discounts. We will be happy to go over with you the options we have available that might help you save!​​​​​​​

Want to know more about Victory Walking Tours?

For your safety, please look over the following before booking your tour.

Length: 1-1.5 Hours​​​​​​​

Difficulty: Easy, but wear comfortable shoes

Sun Warning: Wear Sunscreen & Sunglasses

Drink Plenty of Water on the Walk

Parking: Free Parking Available

Transportation: Trolley Access on Route

Bathrooms: Multiple Bathrooms on Route

Refreshment Break: We do stop at a coffee shop

Cameras: You are allowed to take pictures

What to Expect

Check Out This Important Information About The Tours!

This walking tour will travel up Ballard Street to historic Main Street, stopping at several sites along the way.

This an easy walking tour suitable for all ages!

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